Watch Racing Legend Tony Stewart Try His Hand at Drag Racing

With the exclusion of professional drag racing, Tony Stewart had done everything there was to perform in motorsports through his initial 49 trips around sunlight.

Had. The three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and 1997 Indy Racing League winner was indoctrinated to the area with help from NHRA Top Fuel racer and Lady Leah Pruett.

A camera team recorded his adventures and it had been submitted to Stewart’s YouTube station.

Stewart first had to become acclimated into the’Christmas Tree’ turbo system utilized to initiative each move. Once comfortable with the process and processes, Stewart moved to some Hawley Alcohol Dragster outfitted with a automatic transmission.

“We use that installation to permit new drivers to understand the regular you’d use to drive A/Fuel [Dragster] or Top Fuel car, but they are still a lot quick,” Hawley said at “We need them to see how it steers and manages and everything you can and can not do with it. Evidently, for somebody like Tony who’s accustomed to seeing the planet at 200 mph or faster, that was not a problem.”

Hawley is a two-time NHRA Funny Car winner who has witnessed countless professional and amateurs come through his doors within the previous 30 decades.

“He is world-class at anything he has ever done, therefore it did not surprise me that he had no troubles,” Hawley added. “He was a fantastic guy, easy to speak to, and quite humble. What a fantastic guy.” Stewart made over a dozen moves from the 2 cars and got a Best Dragster license. He has competed in sports car and dated models, but hasn’t voiced a general fascination with drag racing however.

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