Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham Launch Nationally Televised Racing Series

Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham’s new motorsports project isn’t planning to compete with NASCAR, but there are probably several improvements it could learn from the idea of this Superstar Racing Xperience.

The championship winning driver and car builder showed that the initiation of the SRX on Monday morning into some substantial quantity of fanfare.

Their joint cache managed to procure a six-race live tv bargain for summer of 2021 on CBS and CBS All accessibility.

The events will happen on venerable brief trails, dirt paths and possibly a street course — comprising legendary drivers throughout a number of disciplines.

Evernham imagines a car where motorist ability is highlighted over aerodynamics; mechanic traction instead of aerodynamics.

Though Stewart and Evernham assert the SRX isn’t a competitor to NASCAR, the idea is basically a love letter to fans evidenced by the very low horsepower, higher downforce intermediate track racing merchandise delivered with the maximum motorsport in North America.

“It depends upon mechanical traction, driver capability, driver inputsignal, right? Potential working with a team leader to make a couple alterations.

“So up to the tech of the car, the technological progress would be clearly to help protect the series and also have fans have the ability to enjoy it . But we need a very fundamental race car that’s actually, again, about demonstrating driver skill.”

The races will be timed to match in a tv window, using a halftime break instead of pit stops.

Stewart imagines the occasions as something similar to the International Race of Champions that pitted celebrities from each area in identically prepared cars over four or five paths throughout the course of this year.

The Superstar Racing Xperience has launched a Twitter accounts, that includes followed semi-retired or shortly to become drivers Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Paul Tracy. Should you join IROC together with the Prelude to the Dream all celebrity event that Stewart hosted at Eldora Speedway in the 2000s, that’s exactly what SRX plans to be.

“I am signed up to the primary driver and could not be more enthused about it,” Stewart stated. “I meanthis is an chance for something I have looked forward to and also feel as though I have been missing for quite a very long moment.

“I was the previous winner of the IROC Series, and I recall how much fun I had with all the different drivers and all there.”

The last IROC year in 2005 featured Stewart, among the most varied drivers of the age, together with championships in NASCAR, IRL and USAC from NASCAR’s Mark Martin, IndyCar champion Sam Hornish, IMSA driver Wayne Taylor, World of Outlaws champion Steve Kinser and many additional stock car notables.

Stewart would like to replicate this with all the Superstar Racing Xperience, but on brief and dirt tracks throughout the nation — specialized monitors where motorist input in much more notable compared to wide-open downforce tracks.

“This is a massive opportunity to attract superstars from so many different areas and motorsports with each other, and (place ) them in particular cars that no one has ever driven earlier at racetracks that none of us have probably driven before.

“It is the chance to truly have a great deal of pleasure and put a product on the market which I believe fans are going to love watching on prime-time tv. I simply think the entire package is fantastic.

“When Ray called me , I had a good deal of questions but he instantly from the very first text message had my undivided attention.”

“We knew this might be a fantastic tv property. Along with also the simple fact that, tv was included in the beginning, I believe is vital.

“They have listened to us… They made it quite tv favorable. They have made it quite sponsor promotional and friendly friendly.

“So, once I heard the pitch instantly thought exactly what our networks searching for right now, particularly in the summer time, they’re on the lookout for great live action and great live content. And I can not consider anything greater than racing about six Saturday nights on America’s number one system ”

Evernham said a program hasn’t yet been finalized, or perhaps consummated, however he steered his eyesight by mentioning Pensacola’s Five Flags Speedway, home of the Snowball Derby.

He said Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville in Tennessee, a half-mile which has pushed in the past few years to go back to NASCAR with all the backing and support of Speedway Motorsports Inc.. Stafford Springs in Connecticut has been another sidewalk track mentioned.

“We have looked at a great deal of different formats and maybe earning guest drivers to get a single or two-offs,” Evernham said. “we would like to provide a Rocky Balboa type a opportunity to enter and see how they could compete against our superstars.

“we would like to put on large occasions at the grassroots of America… And we will also look at a modified street training course, whether we change an oblong or we shorten a street program, whateverwe just believe its important o utilize many different paths that showcase driver ability.

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