Hyundai accidentally leaks IONIQ 5 electric car specs and it’s not bad

Hyundai is preparing to start the IONIQ 5, the first electric automobile under its brand new Ioniq electrical subbrand, and it’s leaked the specs. It is not looking bad, but it is going to rely on the purchase price point. Last summer, the Korean automaker declared that”IONIQ” will develop into a new EV new and supported three new electric automobiles to start beneath it in the subsequent 3 decades. This isn’t to be mistaken with the existing Hyundai Ioniq car provided in three distinct powertrains, such as an all-electric one. Hyundai claims that the new IONIQ manufacturer will feature next-generation all-electric vehicles also signifies its attempt to”become one of the world’s best EV manufacturers”

The automaker already verified the IONIQ brand will begin with the initiation of the IONIQ 5, a midsize CUV, in ancient 2021. It is likely to be based on Hyundai’s formerly unveiled”notion EV 45,” pictured above. Now, Hyundai inadvertently leaked some of the specs of this IONIQ 5 through posting its own pre-order webpage soon. The Business took down it fast, but many readers sent us a screenshot of those specs:

Technical specifications:

  • Electric motor power: 230 kW / 313 PS
  • Drive: All wheel drive
  • Standard vary based on WLTP: 450 kilometers
  • Acceleration: 5.2 seconds 0-100 km/h
  • Charging procedures:
  • Schuko socket 1-phase: around 2.3 kW
  • Wallbox in the home, 1- or 2-phase: around 11 kW
  • AC hastened charging: in a public charging channel up to 11 kW
  • DC fast-charging: In 15 minutes from 20 percent to 80% fee potential, Because of 800-volt technology


  • Length: 4,460 mm
  • Length: 1,890 mm
  • Height: 1,600 mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,000 mm

Hyundai also formerly confirmed the IONIQ 5 will have a really bi-directional charger, allowing vehicle-to-grid capability, fast-charging capacity without confirming how quickly, and a few obscure”Extraordinary Experiences.”

The business is expected to show the automobile in full of February and send it only a couple of months after.

Electrek’s Take

Obviously, it is all going to be based on the true cost of the automobile, however I think that it’s going to look great.

450 kilometers is 280 miles, but that is about the WLTP cycle.

It should lead to more than 200 kilometers of real world selection, and you obtain an 800-volt battery system along with also an all-wheel-drive system — albeit not a very powerful one.

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