China's electric vehicle start-ups race for leading position

The rise of the electric car was nothing short of electrifying.

In 2010, there have been 17,000 electrical cars around the planet’s roads. From 2019, that had risen to 7.2 million, based on autonomous inter-governmental organisation IEA.

Of all of the electric cars across the planet, 47 percent were in 1 nation independently — China. China is also home to 99 percent of the planet’s electric buses.

China is also a significant producer of electrical vehicles, but industry watchers note the leaders in the marketplace there weren’t home-grown names.

The electric car market has developed through recent years. The first to go into the marketplace were local producers of classic automakers whose attention were not on the top industry.

“In the last few decades, we have got these new Chinese EV startsups benchmarking their products into Tesla, so that they really started in the high end,” explained Ms Jing Yang, director for corporate study in Fitch Ratings in Shanghai.

China’s electric car manufacturers are currently hastening their global growth strategies.

All three leaders at the national electrical vehicle sector have listed in the USA.

Its common have risen more than 300 percent since.

Based on Mr Lim Chee-Kiang, managing director of Urban Science, these businesses locate the US market appealing as it’s highly liquid, using higher cost transparency.


These Chinese electrical car start-ups also have sought to compete with appealing selling rates.

Ms Jing Yang stated Chinese electrical car makers can offer low prices since they prioritise volume over adulthood.

In addition to that, Chinese electrical car businesses are focusing on constructing a new name — not a simple feat in a marketplace with over 400 brands.

Finally however, the development of those companies must translate to gains.

Tesla took a long time to turn in an yearly profit.

Urban Science’s Mr Lim points out it is extremely tough to generate a fantastic margin on a brand new car purchase. So producers will need to discover different methods of monetising their merchandise. This might be via subscription services, supplying value-added solutions, or monetising data.

This tough path to adulthood means that numerous rounds of financing will be necessary.

China’s electric car manufacturers also face increasing competition. Tesla has been the first overseas carmaker to have a completely owned factory in China.

And out China, many conventional automakers are entering the electric car industry.

“It will be quite hard to make a profit, which explains the reason why they need minimum one, a couple of rounds of financing.

“And before you’ve got the yield on investment using very thin margins on each automobile, you are seeking to 10 to 15 decades of payback period if the amounts are coming,” explained Mr Bernd Pichler, regional director, Asia Pacific, Bentley Motors.

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