British Automaker Alvis Makes a Stylish Return

It is not often you find a marque yield from years of inaction, but that is exactly what occurred with Alvis. An article that ran in a 1935 issue of MotorSport announced,”the title of Alvis has for several years been synonymous with sport cars of the maximum quality.” The marque would last for a bit over 30 years before turning down.

An audience stayed for Alvis’s cars, however — and it did not hurt that they have held up quite nicely over the forthcoming years. A recent post at Robb Report notes around 22,000 Alvises were created between 1920 and 1967, 5,000 of which still exist — a substantial number of that are still being pushed. The company’s strategy to design and technology was ahead of its own time, which will help explain why those cars have suffered so well.

After the marque closed down, the fresh elements of unmade cars were put into storage.

So, basically, is that new classic Alvis cars — 6 versions, to be precise — could currently be bought. It is going to take two years to construct one from scratch. Stote informed Robb Report he views the new iteration of the marque for a continuation of their former edition.

“We’ve got the drawings. At worst, it has been a very long time between orders”

The cars they’re producing now are absolutely magnificent to behold — additional proof of the lasting power of fantastic design and thoughtful technology.

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