BMW starts European road tests of hydrogen fuel cell cars

The BMW Group has begun to test vehicles which use a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain, together with all the German automotive giant setting the technology through its paces”in regular conditions on European streets.”

In a statement Wednesday, the company explained prototypes of this BMW I Hydrogen Next could be analyzed on a variety of metrics such as reliability, security and efficacy.

It explained hydrogen fuel cell technology as using the”long term possible to supplement internal combustion motors, plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles”

The technology may, BMW went on to include,”eventually become an attractive option to battery-electric push trains — particularly for clients who don’t have their own access to electrical charging infrastructure or who often drive long distances” It is estimated that the tests will cause the creation of a small-series version in 2022.

Even the BMW I Hydrogen Next’s hydrogen tank could be filled in a few minutes, the organization states, providing drivers with”a range of several hundred kilometres from most weather conditions.”

Described from the International Energy Agency as a”elastic energy provider,” hydrogen has an assortment of programs and could be deployed in sectors like industry and transportation.

BMW is just one of many automotive companies exploring the potential of hydrogen and isn’t new to the notion of utilizing it in a motor vehicle.

The Hydrogen 7, it included, utilized an internal combustion engine and managed to operate on gasoline (gas ) or liquid hydrogen.

More recently, on Tuesday Jaguar Land Rover stated it had been working on the model of a hydrogen fuel cell electric car, together with testing of this concept slated to begin later this season.

The automobile will be determined by the new variant of the business’s Land Rover Defender, also is a part of JLR’s wider attempt to fulfill a goal of zero tailpipe emissions from the year 2036. Testing will focus on areas like fuel intake and off-road capacities.

Other producers who have dipped to the hydrogen fuel cell marketplace comprise Toyota and Honda, while smaller companies like Riversimple will also be working on hydrogen-powered cars.

This week also found Volvo Cars declare it’d associate with SSAB, a Sweden-headquartered steel maker, to”collectively explore the progression of fossil-free, higher excellent steel to be used in the automotive sector.”

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