1955 Bentley R-Type saloon with elegant coachbuilt body

The expansive Bentley looks sharp at the photographs with the advertisement, still shiny from”a very nice old restoration,” in accordance with the Canton, Ohio, trader advertising the vehicle. The odometer reads only over 56,000 miles.

The R-Type has been the next collection of Bentley luxury cars made after World War II, essentially an upgrade of the present Mark VI versions. The famous celebrity of this show was that the R-Type Continental, a high performance variant fitted with a slick Mulliner body layout and hotly desired by collectors now.

Many R-Types were created with regular Bentley bodies, and also this gorgeous treatment by Freestone & Webb is seldom seen now. Especially, your system is all-aluminum (or aluminium in case you are British) for this case using its steering wheel on the home-market appropriate side.

“Fantastic paint respray in tan and black with a tasteful deep-red leather inside.”

The vendor notes that the motor is properly fitted with a set of SU side-draft carburetors.

A timeless Bentley of this kind is a welcomed participant in any car series, and its own might be an enjoyable and trustworthy entrance for classic car rallies of all kinds, giving a supremely comfortable and tasteful ride, using an adapting rear seat for family members and friends to tag along.

That, and such a magnificent-looking craft can make its keep by supplying livery support for wedding parties and other similar limousine jobs. A chauffeur’s cap could be convenient.

The Bentley is priced at a fair $49,995, which the vendor notes is”a distinctive classy and slick car at a reasonable price.”

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