The Super Sport seems to preview the future Austin Healey Bugeye from England

The Crosley is a very small bit of a car from a short lived Cincinnati automaker that made microcars for people who eschewed the bigger-is-better tendency of all US car buyers. The business constructed pint-sized sedans, wagons and convertibles in 1946-1952, after a short startup in 1939 that stopped when war started.

Back in 1949, Crosley introduced the glossy Hotshot roadster, a doorless sports car that weighed just over 1,000 lbs. The Super Sport variant with a folding top, instead of removable, entered the picture in 1950. The diminutive sports car is powered by a 724cc overhead-valve inline-4-cylinder engine producing 26.5 horsepower and also backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. Zero-to-60 time is graded at a lively 20 seconds,”great for a vehicle this size,” the vendor notes.

“Pound for pound, a few state the Crosley Super Sports is one of the best sports cars ever constructed,” the vendor says.

Be that as it may, the Crosley is pretty much guaranteed to be an enjoyable little runabout for people who enjoy great cars, and it ought to draw in a lot of entertained attention everywhere it goes. The Super Sport is a rare collector automobile now since not a lot of these were offered in the initial place.While the vendor doesn’t disclose any information about the car’s history or recovery, the advertisement does notice that it’s been equipped with a new cloth top and new tires on its own 12-inch rims. The asking price with this particular Crosley can be multifunctional, at $12,500.

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